Led by Xianix Barrera, a powerhouse of the pure and raw flamenco form, SABOR FLAMENCO offers performances, workshops, arts-in-education, and community engagement programs that center on feminine strength and empowerment. SABOR FLAMENCO ignites passion, excitement, and wonder by fusing the soul of the Caribbean with the music and rhythms of Southern Spain by embracing a full palate of aesthetic tastes; from classical elegance, to modern experimentation, to the distilled essence of the gypsy soul.


Xianix Barrera & Sabor Flamenco offers authentic flamenco performances to fit your specific needs. You can customize the number of artists, lengths and number of performances and themes for a one-of-a-kind experience. Audiences will be clapping along to guitar strings and rhythmic foot stomping and find themselves under the spell of the singers transcending song by bringing Spain directly to you. SABOR FLAMENCO will provide you with a mesmerizing performance that will make any special event a truly memorable one.


Would you like to teach your students about Spain and/or the origins of flamenco? Would you like your students to experience a flamenco dance class? Sabor Flamenco provides lecture-demonstrations and/or master dance classes for language, music, dance, history, and/or general classes at your school. These programs provide an interactive experience for your class with  demonstrations of flamenco song, guitar and dance, history of Flamenco and culminating with student participation. School residencies with a final presentation is also available. 

Dance & rhythm WORKSHOPS

Looking to add an exciting Flamenco class to your school, studio, or gym? Xianix Barrera has years of experience with instruction of flamenco dance and rhythms for adults, children, and seniors. We provide specialized workshops to fit all ages, interests, fitness and dance levels.