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Xianix Barrera


Xianix Barrera


Xianix Barrera, a native New Yorker born to Puerto Rican and Dominican parents, had her first exposure to music and dance at an early age with studies in ballet, modern, jazz and percussion. Xianix began flamenco studies in New York and deepened her in Spain with distinguished masters including Andres Peña, Concha Vargas, Carmen Ledesma and Raquel Heredia among others. She has worked and performed with such prominent artists as Isabel Bayón, Ángel Muñoz, Soledad Barrio and Juan Ogalla and has taught master flamenco workshops for the Joyce Theater and New York City Center, respectively.  She is a recipient of a coveted scholarship to attend Jacob Pillow's Cultural Traditions Flamenco program led by Noche Flamenca. In 2012, Xianix Barrera Flamenco Co debuted to their sold-out production, Sabor Flamenco, in Spanish Harlem. Xianix has been touring internationally with Noche Flamenca since 2013 with their wildly successful production of Antigona, a flamenco adaptation of the Sophoclean tragedy. Most recently she performed in Sevilla, Abu Dhabi and Copenhagen alongside flamenco legend Jose Suarez “El Torombo”. She currently teaches flamenco dance to adults and children as a teaching artist for New York City Center, Ballet Hispanico and Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana in New York. 




Saturday, November 4 - 5:00pm

World Dance Festival: Dancing Across Cultural Borders

with Cristian Puig, Barbara Martinez and Isabel del Dia

Roulette Intermedium, 509 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn


Friday, November 10 - 11:00pm - 1:00am

ST. MAZIE'S with Alfonso Cid and Jose Ramos

345 Grand Street, Brooklyn

Wednesday, November 22 - 7:00pm - 10:00pm

LAS TAPAS with the Cintron Brothers

808 W. 187 Street, Manhattan


Monday, Nov 27 - 7pm

Join us for a special evening with Antonia Jimenez, one of Spain's finest and in demand flamenco guitarists. Antonia will share her music, and her journey as one of flamenco's few female guitarists. Come experience the creative genius of this unique tocaora in an intimate setting with Xianix BarreraGlenda Sol and Isabel del Dia.

Wednesday, November 29 - 7:00pm

FLAMENCO ROSADO: Gender & Sexual Identity in Flamenco

The Graduate Center, CUNY Segal Theater, 365 5th Avenue, Manhattan


Fiesta Flamenca Navideña, Sunday, December 17


Join us for an intimate and festive flamenco student showcase celebrating the hard work and dedication of my fabulous flamenco students this semester. Presenting my Advanced Beginner, Beginner, Kids Flamenco, and private students por Bulerias, Rumba, Tangos de Malaga, Sevillanas and much more!!!

Complimentary food and beverage will be served with admission. Family friendly!

Vamos a la fiesta!!!!




FALL SESSION: September 10 - December 17

*no class November 25th



5:30 - 6:30pm-  Beginner

6:30 - 7:30pm  -  Adv Beginner

Rod Rodgers Studios: 62 East 4th Street, NYC


10:00 - 11:00am -  Adv Beginner

11:00 - 12:00pm  -  Beginner

Center for Flamenco Arts: 4 West 43rd Street, 8th FL, NYC


$25/drop-in                 $120 / 5 class pack                 $230 / 10 class pack               $440 / 20 class pack

*Class cards expire December 10th



THURSDAYS 5:30-6:30pm

Rod Rodgers Studios

SUNDAYS  11:00-12:00pm

Center for Flamenco Arts

The Beginner level is geared towards students who have previously taken flamenco classes for about a year OR those who are able to easily pickup material in class. We will review the elements and techniques that were covered in the Intro to Flamenco level but at a faster pace. Your foundation in flamenco technique will be reviewed and further developed/pushed for floreo (hand movements), braceo (arm movements), zapateado (footwork), marcajes (marking steps), compas y palmas (rhythms and hand-clapping), giros (turns) and proper placement of the body. If you're unsure as to which level you should be in, please call or email for assitance.


Thursdays 6:30-7:30pm

Rod Rodgers Studios

Sundays 10:00-11:00am

Center for Flamenco Arts

Advanced Beginner is geared toward the more experienced student who has studied for at least two years. You will need to have a basic understanding of its rhythms, vocabulary and techniques. We dive deeper into all elements and further develop your technique and musical ear while implementing its style and characteristics while staying true to your personality. More complicated rhythms, concepts and choreography are explored in this level. 


Returns January, 2018

Center for Flamenco Arts

For those who have never taken a flamenco class before or need a refresher before moving into the Beginner level, Intro to Flamenco is the class for you. This level is for those with little to no experience with flamenco dance to those who have some experience with flamenco and wish to start slowly. All are welcome! You will become acquainted with flamenco's basic elements by developing a solid foundation in its various technique: floreo (hand movements), braceo (arm movements), zapateado (footwork), marcajes (marking steps), compas y palmas (rhythms and hand-clapping), giros (turns) and proper placement of the body.




Available for privates or semi-private lessons

This class is intended for girls and boys between the ages of 4 - 8 years old with little to no experience with flamenco dance. Experienced dancers in other genres are welcome to join. Children will obtain an in-depth experience of the Spanish art form and learn its history, culture, geography and vocabulary. Students will be exposed to flamenco’s basic dance concepts, learn choreography, be involved in the creative process. Children are required to have proper dance attire and shoes for the class. Call or email for rates.


Available for private / semi-private lessons

Intermediate/advanced classes are for students who been studying flamenco for at least three years and have a thorough understanding of flamenco technique, rhythms, structure and vocabulary. Technique is further developed through endurance drills, strengthening focus and memory and by pushing each students personal boundaries. Additionally, we delve into more complicated palos while exploring and developing your own dance style. Call or email for rates.


  • ATTIRE FOR CLASS: form fitting clothes such as tank tops, leotards, tights, and track pants with a skirt or vest. Loose fitting clothes make proper body placement, lines and form difficult to see. 
  • SHOES: Flamenco shoes are an investment for adults and children. Only purchase shoes if you're committed to classes. See BELOW for places to purchase. So for  your first few classes you can wear closed toe shoes such as dress shoes or boots with sturdy heels, or character shoes. Stiletto shoes and sneakers are NO GOOD. Call or email for assistance.
  • LEVEL: There are class descriptions listed above for you to assess which level you should attend. If you're still not sure please call/email.
  • PRIVATE/SEMI-PRIVATE LESSONS: I offer private and semi-private lessons in my home to cater to your particular needs, whether its to mount or work out kinks in a choreography, for a couples wedding dance, a competition, mommy-and-me, etc.
  • RECITAL: After each semester of classes (June and December) students are encouraged to participate in a student recital to showcase what they've been working on, dress up, and strut their stuff!


Menkes* 250 W. 54th Street, Suit 804, Manhattan 

Sansha* 888 Eighth Avenue, Manhattan

(*Get a 10% discount when you mention you take class with Xianix)

Flamenco Mercado                    La Colora Flamenco Stuff                    Sally Lesser Designs 



See more reviews here

I love your approach — starting slow, focusing on the bones of the design and then later the style and embellishment....You have a great and beautiful soul and a playful spirit. In Buddhism, there is the belief that when a person evolves through many lifetimes into a state of enlightenment — a bodhisattva- that soul returns to earth to teach others. You are my bodhisattva por bulerias.
— Constanza Baiocco
I find the classroom experience to be both insightful and challenging. As an instructor Xianix is very caring, positive, and encouraging. Xianix goes out of her way to make the class feel comfortable. She pushes you to do well and to genuinely believe that you can do anything. You’ll also find that she has a great sense of humor. At first, I thought I was dyslexic: flamenco is not necessarily a piece of cake, especially if you have no professional dance experience like me, but I soon realized that all I needed was practice and encouragement.
— Emmanuel Igancio
2012-09-23Spain_15 of 224.jpeg





Xianix Barrera & Sabor Flamenco at Iona College

Performance for Hispanic Heritage Month

World Cafe Live with Pasion Y Arte in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Xianix Barrera por Alegrias, Washington Heights, NY

Xianix Barrera performs in Sevilla, Spain

Dancers: Xianix Barrera Kimie Nishizawa Sabrina Hayeem-Ladani Musicians: Alfonso Cid Jed Miley Jose Moreno Isabel del Dia

Xianix Barrera & Sabor Flamenco Promo Video

It's time for a Flamenco break with Xianix Barrera! #keepdancing

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Led by Xianix Barrera, a powerhouse of the pure and raw flamenco form, SABOR FLAMENCO offers performances, workshops, arts-in-education, and community engagement programs that center on feminine strength and empowerment. SABOR FLAMENCO ignites passion, excitement, and wonder by fusing the soul of the Caribbean with the music and rhythms of Southern Spain by embracing a full palate of aesthetic tastes; from classical elegance, to modern experimentation, to the distilled essence of the gypsy soul.


Xianix Barrera & Sabor Flamenco offers authentic flamenco performances to fit your specific needs. You can customize the number of artists, lengths and number of performances and themes for a one-of-a-kind experience. Audiences will be clapping along to guitar strings and rhythmic foot stomping and find themselves under the spell of the singers transcending song by bringing Spain directly to you. SABOR FLAMENCO will provide you with a mesmerizing performance that will make any special event a truly memorable one.


Would you like to teach your students about Spain and/or the origins of flamenco? Would you like your students to experience a flamenco dance class? Sabor Flamenco provides lecture-demonstrations and/or master dance classes for language, music, dance, history, and/or general classes at your school. These programs provide an interactive experience for your class with  demonstrations of flamenco song, guitar and dance, history of Flamenco and culminating with student participation. School residencies with a final presentation is also available. 

Dance & rhythm WORKSHOPS

Looking to add an exciting Flamenco class to your school, studio, or gym? Xianix Barrera has years of experience with instruction of flamenco dance and rhythms for adults, children, and seniors. We provide specialized workshops to fit all ages, interests, fitness and dance levels.




“Xianix Barrera is strong and feminine, and showcases the smaller flourishes and attributes of the Flamenco form. Her style exemplifies sweetness, power and poise." - Jamuna Chiarini, Artslandia Magazine

"...I enjoyed Xianix Barrera, who injected a healthy dose of teasing sensuality.” - Marina Harss, Dance Tabs

"...Xianix Barrera, had a striking presence...she was extremely refined in her movement, her head remaining absolutely still as her body kept moving. Her gaze into the audience was impactful, while her movements in her arms, torso and feet were subtle. Her fingers held as through they had a constant breeze moving through them. Her hand movements, gestures and fingers became the focal point of attention..." - Gina Palumbo, Philadelphia Dance

"Flamenco artist, Xianix Barrera, a picture of sensuous hour-glass richness, transfixed many pairs of eyes with fiery grace and sinuous body movement. Draped in a magnificent, embroidered peacock blue silk shawl with shimmering bone fringes, Barrera skillfully flung, wrapped and unwrapped herself as she wended through an entrancing solo." - Ashabi Rich, The Dance Journal

“Xianix Barrera in a Solea por Buleria...This lady can literally rock the house. Before she discovered flamenco, this talented dancer was a percussionist. That skill was apparent in her deep understanding of rhythms and reflected in her mastery of compás. She is a remarkable artist ... she deserves to be recognized for the fierce diva she is."  - Maya de Silva, Flamenco Buzz 

"A Renowned Dance Couple Keeps Flamenco’s Flame Burning in New Yorkby Susan Hartman, New York Times






PHONE: 646.283.1873

EMAIL: Xianix@Xianix.com

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