Xianix Barrera


Xianix Barrera


Xianix Barrera had her first exposure to dance and music as a child with studies in ballet, modern, jazz and bass drumming. As a young adult, she began her formal studies in flamenco in New York with Jorge Navarro, Nélida Tirado and Soledad Barrio. In Sevilla, Spain she deepened her training with distinguished masters including Andres Peña, Concha Vargas, Alicia Marquez, Patricia Guerrero and Carmen Ledesma among others. She has worked and performed with such prominent artists as Isabel Bayon, Ángel Muñoz, Soledad Barrio and Juan Ogalla and has taught master flamenco workshops for the Joyce Theater and New York City Center respectively. In 2011, she founded her own flamenco company, Sabor Flamenco, which premiered to a sold out audience at the Poet's Den Theater in Spanish Harlem. Since 2013, Xianix has been touring with Soledad Barrio & Noche Flamenca with their wildly successful production of Antigona, a flamenco adaptation of the play by Sophocles.  Most recently she performed in Sevilla, Spain and in Denmark alongside flamenco legend Jose Suarez “El Torombo”. She currently teaches flamenco dance to adults and children as a teaching artist for Ballet Hispanico, New York City Center and Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana in New York. 





Friday, August 12th - 7pm



361 Greenwich Street, Manhattan

Monday, August 15th - 7:30pm


Sala One Nine

35 W. 19th Street, Manhattan





Fall Session

October 1st - December 22nd

introDUCTION to Flamenco

Tuesdays 7:00-8:00pm

WMAC 347 Grand St, Brooklyn

Introduction to flamenco is geared toward the absolute beginner student with little to no experience with flamenco dance. You will become acquainted with flamenco's basic elements by developing a solid foundation in technique: floreo (hand movements), braceo (arm movements), zapateado (footwork), marcajes (marking steps), compas y palmas (rhythms and hand-clapping), giros (turns) and proper placement of the body. 


Tuesdays 8:00-9:00pm

347 Grand Street, Brooklyn

This class is open to ALL levels and experience with flamenco.  General technique exercises will be given in braceo, footwork, turns and marking steps. Each student will be pushed depending on their level. 


Wednesdays 7:30-9:00pm

62 E. 4th Street, Manhattan

Advanced Beginner is geared toward to the more experienced flamenco dance student who has studied for at least a year or two. You will need to have a basic understanding of its rhythms, vocabulary and technique. We dive deeper into each element and further develop your technique and musical ear while beginning to implement its style and characteristics.


Thursdays 6:00 - 7:30pm

62 E. 4th Street, Manhattan

This class is ideal for those have been studying flamenco for at least 2-3 years and have a thorough understanding of flamenco technique, rhythms, structure and vocabulary. Technique is further developed by strengthening endurance, focus and memory and by pushing each students personal boundaries. Furthermore, more complicated palos are explored while letting our own dance personalities shine through via choreography.

kids flamenco

Saturdays 12:00 - 1:00pm

4 W. 43rd Street, Manhattan

This class is intended for boys and girls between the ages of 6 - 12 years old with little to no experience with dance. Children will obtain an in-depth experience of the Spanish art form of flamenco along with its history, culture, geography, and vocabulary/terminology. Students will be exposed to flamenco’s basic dance concepts, learn a choreography, be involved in the creative process, and perform an original dance number at the end of the semester. We will meet for 12 sessions with a culminating event performance for the final session to be held at the studio. Children are required to have proper dance attire and shoes.

Adult classes held at:

 WMAC Williamsburg Movement & Arts Center 

347 Grand Street, Brooklyn


Rod Rogers Studios

62 East 4th Street, Manhattan

Kids Classes HELD AT:

Flamenco Vivo Studios

4 W. 43rd St., 8th Floor, Manhattan


$25 / 1hr class          -          $30 / 1.5hrs class      -          $240 / 12 Kids Class Card

*class cards expire on the last day of class


I love your approach — starting slow, focusing on the bones of the design and then later the style and embellishment....You have a great and beautiful soul and a playful spirit. In Buddhism, there is the belief that when a person evolves through many lifetimes into a state of enlightenment — a bodhisattva- that soul returns to earth to teach others. You are my bodhisattva por bulerias.
— Constanza Baiocco
I find the classroom experience to be both insightful and challenging. As an instructor Xianix is very caring, positive, and encouraging. Xianix goes out of her way to make the class feel comfortable. She pushes you to do well and to genuinely believe that you can do anything. You’ll also find that she has a great sense of humor. At first, I thought I was dyslexic: flamenco is not necessarily a piece of cake, especially if you have no professional dance experience like me, but I soon realized that all I needed was practice and encouragement.
— Emmanuel Igancio




“Xianix Barrera is strong and feminine, and showcases the smaller flourishes and attributes of the Flamenco form. Her style exemplifies sweetness, power and poise." - Jamuna Chiarini, Artslandia Magazine

"...I enjoyed Xianix Barrera, who injected a healthy dose of teasing sensuality.” - Marina Harss, Dance Tabs

"...Xianix Barrera, had a striking presence...she was extremely refined in her movement, her head remaining absolutely still as her body kept moving. Her gaze into the audience was impactful, while her movements in her arms, torso and feet were subtle. Her fingers held as through they had a constant breeze moving through them. Her hand movements, gestures and fingers became the focal point of attention..." - Gina Palumbo, Philadelphia Dance

“Xianix Barrera in a Solea por Buleria...This lady can literally rock the house. Before she discovered flamenco, this talented dancer was a percussionist. That skill was apparent in her deep understanding of rhythms and reflected in her mastery of compás. She is a remarkable artist ... she deserves to be recognized for the fierce diva she is."  - Maya de Silva, Flamenco Buzz 

"A Renowned Dance Couple Keeps Flamenco’s Flame Burning in New Yorkby Susan Hartman, New York Times










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