Xianix Barrera, a native New Yorker born to Puerto Rican and Dominican parents, had her first exposure to music and dance at an early age with studies in ballet, modern, jazz and percussion. Xianix began her formal studies in flamenco in New York City with Jorge Navarro, Nélida Tirado and Soledad Barrio. In Sevilla, she deepened her training with distinguished masters including Andres Peña, Concha Vargas, Patricia Guerrero and Carmen Ledesma among others. She has worked and performed with such prominent artists as Isabel Bayon, Ángel Muñoz, Soledad Barrio and Juan Ogalla and has taught master flamenco workshops for the Joyce Theater and New York City Center, respectively.  She is a recipient of a coveted scholarship to attend Jacob Pillow's Cultural Traditions program led by Noche Flamenca. In 2011, Xianix produced her first sold-out flamenco production, Sabor Flamenco, at the Poet's Den Theater in Spanish Harlem. Xianix has been touring with Soledad Barrio and Noche Flamenca since 2013 with their wildly successful production of Antigona, a flamenco adaptation of the Sophoclean tragedy. Most recently she performed in Sevilla, Abu Dhabi and Copenhagen alongside flamenco legend Jose Suarez “El Torombo”. She currently teaches flamenco dance to adults and children as a teaching artist for New York City Center, Ballet Hispanico and Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana in New York. “This lady can literally rock the house…She is a remarkable artist ... she deserves to be recognized for the fierce diva she is.” -Flamenco Buzz